remembering steve jobs


dear steve,

there’ll come a day when i will tell young adults about you and the world that you helped to build. i have been inspired by your irreverence, your dedication, your vision, and your healthy disregard for allegiances. not to say that you were disloyal: i know nothing of that.

i do know that those of my friends who have worked with you and worked for you, and some of them have worked very closely with you, their loyalty was forever.

the world that you helped create has shaped a large part of my creative life, providing me with the tools, the independence and impetus to express my creative self and support myself in ways that i could hardly have imagined when i first put my hands on an Apple IIe many years ago.

thank you for everything that you put your hands on.

may your days of suffering be over and may your family soon find closure and comfort.

in gratitude,


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