a march morning talk at grind space

at grind spaces north of madison square park, joshua fonts of the science house foundation spoke last month on rethinking collaborative culture. well, his talk was ostensibly about collaborative culture, as he offered a survey of his foundation’s projects that were supported by broad examples of how the scientific community collaborates to create meaningful work, yet fonts never offered any specific thoughts on how collaborative culture can transform the creative world.

it’s not that his point of view is without merit, but the talk lacked provocation, and felt more like a recruitment pitch for the science house foundation and less like an actual conversation with an audience full of “creatives.”

with thoughts of making an event like this more compelling and relevant, it would have been more interesting to have experienced a workshop based around a dialogue about collaborative culture, rather than having to sit through a scripted power point presentation about the achievements of fonts’ foundation.

i think grind has started a promising series of talks, but i wonder if, in this case, a panel-type discussion with audience participation would have been a better fit?

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