copenhagen for foodies

for those of you traveling to copenhagen this summer, here are a few updated restaurant reviews.

there are more michelin rated restaurants in copenhagen than in all of the other scandinavian cities combined.

some of the city’s best venues for gourmet gluttony include:

classic choices (both nouvelle scandinavian and traditional danish)

* noma – voted best restaurant in the world (now that el bulli has closed). difficult to get reservations.

* formel-b – probably the second best restaurant in copenhagen.

* alberto k – great dining on the top of the arne jacobsen designed sas royal hotel.

* kong hans – classic danish haute cuisine. very traditional but impeccable.

* kokkeriet – nestled in the middle of the city, received its first michelin star in 2006. a romantic place to dine.

* restaurant MR – star chef, formerly of the paul, noma og kokkeriet, mads reflund opened his own restaurant in 2005. he couldn’t keep it in business, but just reopened two months ago, and was immediately rewarded with a michelin star. very modern.

* salt – set in a 200-year-old warehouse in copenhagen’s centre. huge wooden beams dominate the rustic décor. the kitchen uses a trio of salts in its cooking, læsø, maldon, and guerande. dishes include poached pigeon with smoked chocolate, and fried Danish plaice with cloudberries. you get the idea.

* ida davidsen – excellent lunch. very classic copenhagen experience. huge variety of open face sandwiches that are simply wonderful. during the week, it’s the business-crowd. during the holidays, many tourists

more unusual choices

* spiseloppen – my favorite restaurant in copenhagen, located in the semi-forbidden city of christiania. very rustic warehouse setting, dimly lit, a bit noisy because there is a rock club on the floor above, but the food is divine yet completely unpretentious. menus are presented on photocopied pieces of recycled paper. a rotating schedule of visiting chefs, each presenting their take on scandinavian cuisine. the entire staff are also co-owners of the restaurant, which is managed as a cooperative.

* lê lê nhà hàng – a high end new york style vietnamese bistro with very high ceilings and gallery windows and a great bar next door – run by three vietnamese sisters and their brother – they’ve been doing it for about eight years now.

* kalasset – my favourite place for brunch right now. the kind of relaxed place that your eccentric swedish grandmother would feel at home in.

* madeleines madteater – part installation art, part theater, part concept restaurant. rotating menu and location. definitely worth checking out.

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