bonfire speech

at year end, many of us gather with friends, family and loved ones to celebrate the days to come and reflect upon the year that has passed. it is a time when the word community is apt, when the practice of community really matters.

communities never happen by themselves. even in families that are tied by blood, cohesion is something that needs nurturing.

not all of us choose our families based on blood or DNA. more often, the fellowship we discover in a community is based upon common interests, the desire to express mutual support, to make something bigger than the sum of all of the individual parts.

pursuing that, many of us spend a lot of our energy as nurturers and builders, cultivating new communities, contributing to existing ones, reviving neglected ones. we experience this in our social circles as well as in our professional lives. these endeavors help form the foundation for the “stuff” that makes life transcendent.

with these thoughts in mind, here’s a group of young “dreamers and do-ers” who, like many of us, are exceedingly mobile. not rootless, but more often than not, in transit.

a lifestyle like this makes it challenging to have physical communities, but not impossible. the film below offers an insight as to how this group of twenty-somethings go about building and nurturing their community, in ways that mirror the approaches of those of us who arrived before them but also differ.

they’re young, they have big ambitions and they’re idealistic. it’s not hard to relate to that or to connect to what they are trying to establish. i hope they succeed.

“once in a lifetime,” sandbox retreat film (extended version, director’s cut) from svanes on Vimeo.

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