inaugural screening of the things we keep

the inaugural screening of THE THINGS WE KEEP happens a week from tonight, taking place at new york city’s ROOFTOP FILMS SUMMER SERIES film festival. it’s the third film that i’ve screened at this festival but it’ll be the first time that i’ll be able to attend a screening.

some of you already know the film, and some of you were even kind enough to blog about it. thank you again! there are even a few keepsakes from friends in the film.

if you adore taxonomy… and you admire augmented reality… and you scream every time you encounter stop motion animation… and british electropop happens to hit you in just the right way, then there’s a pretty good chance that you won’t be disappointed in this little film. ; )

THE THINGS WE KEEP: one could think of it as “life, tagged.”

more details.

saturday, may 29th, doors open at 8 pm. location: 350 GRAND ST., NEW YORK, NY 10002

check it out. there’ll be lots of other films screening that night and the atmosphere will be downright festive. let me know if you’ll be there!

and here’s a link to some background info.

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