painkiller (the review)

descending into this basement bar immediately brings to mind scenes from wong kar-wai’s fallen angels. the décor is faux vintage polynesia surrounded by chinatown artifacts, inhabited by downtown ingénues, a few dapper dons, the occasional drifter and a bevy of easy-going cocktail connoisseurs.

the service was excellent, the drinks a bit pricey, but as one of our companions cheerfully pointed out, the prices keep the yahoos at bay, and, for the most part, the bar remained acceptably crowded yet not too claustrophobic.

i’d pencil in a return visit, though midweek might be best.

painkiller is a nice place to duck into during a sudden thunderstorm, but with the cocktails as strong as they are, there’s a danger that one may not make it back up once the skies have cleared.

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