a master restores my faith and returns a certain joie de vivre to my filmmaking soul

there are many great filmmakers amongst us today, and most recently, no one has reaffirmed my love and passion for filmmaking as much as sweden’s roy andersson.

a genius for details as well as a true master of his domain, in a very literal sense of the word, there are few visual artists who can match the craft that andersson and his team put on display as they create elaborately staged scenes of elegant beauty with its dark yet quietly life-affirming humor.

astonishingly, ALL OF IT is done without the benefit of digital effects.

he shoots everything in-camera, much in the same way that michel gondry approaches his work.

here’s a scene from one of andersson’s most recent works, du levande (you, the living). it is taken from what represents the grand crescendo in this brilliant film. while it is a long scene with a slow build-up, it is very much worth waiting for.

keep in mind that everything you see has been constructed and placed before the camera. it was all filmed inside of a sound stage and it’s simply wonderful.

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