checking the mail

late this afternoon, i ascended the front steps of our brownstone, then unlocked the front door to let myself into the foyer on the parlor floor.

at the end of the long hallway, i caught a brief glimpse of something white, which quickly disappeared around a corner.

concerned that there might be an intruder, i paused, then called out.

“hello?…. hello?”

i heard a faint shuffling of feet and then realised that the white flash belonged to our downstairs neighbor john, who reappeared from around the corner wearing his trademark white wife-beater tank top, white boxer shorts and slippers.

he had been hiding.

“is everything all right?” i asked.

“yeah, i was just going to check the mail and then i saw you come in.”

“oh. ok.”

i then said, “well, i hope i didn’t scare you. i wasn’t sure.”

“what? scared? naah…”

“you were standing over there in the corner. i knew someone was there.”

“forget about it.”

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