beautifully branded work

many lovely examples of branded experiences have hit the airwaves of late.

here is a selection of three from my very backlogged radar:

mother new york recently put together a series of short films for stella artois, entitled the ritual project. the series includes “up there” (see the clip further below), a documentary about the disappearing craft of hand-painted advertisements. directed by malcolm murray and produced by mekanism, i’m very much a fan of this piece.

anomaly new york offered a set of lovely docs for converse not too long ago, produced by ACNE production. the series is called the artists of tomorrow, aka “you’re it!” this kind of work tends to get me out of my seat.

and rounding out the list for right now, diesel just released “one hundred lovers,” also produced by anomaly. while it knowingly rips off godard’s bande à part (band of outsiders), which i find annoying and a bit lazy, the work itself pleases the eye and offers an amusing alternative to the shopping catalog, which makes it worth investigating.

i too have been brainstorming about expanding upon the shopping catalog experience, while i’ve been thinking specifically of using my own film, the things we keep, as a prototype… so it’s nice to see diesel + anomaly provide a bit of inspiration as they move in a similar direction.

as promised, here’s up there:

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